Monday, February 11, 2008

Feb. 11 -- Daily update from the president

The Union community was strengthened on Sunday by taking time to gather with our various congregations across the area on Sunday to praise God for his faithfulness and to thank him for his goodness and mercy to us. Various teams gathered on Sunday afternoon to continue the clean-up of the campus. Major efforts will take place over the next two days to continue the work of securing student belongings from the residence life area. Work will also continue on Monday, with the help of many volunteers, with the clean-up process.

A major step forward toward finding housing for Union students took place on Sunday evening when the Englewood Baptist Church voted unanimously to allow us to use the Old English Inn for residence life space this spring (and next fall if necessary). For this amazing gift we are grateful. We thank the entire congregation, but particularly are grateful for Ben Mandrell and Paul Priddy.

The number of people who are making a critical difference in the life of Union University at this time continues to grow. For each and every one, we are certainly grateful.

We press on with the task to which we have now been called. We will continue to trust God for his guidance and direction. We should be able to make a significant announcement by the middle of this week regarding the spring schedule. For the expanding number of markers that indicate God's amazing providence and grace at work among us, we stand amazed.

May God continue to help us all.

-- David S. Dockery, president, Union University