Monday, February 11, 2008

McAfee resident clarification (students with working cars)

This message is to ensure that all McAfee residents are aware of both their on- and off-campus options for their spring housing.

As you know, all buildings in McAfee except for Gray and Dodd will be able to be used for student housing later this week (date TBA.) Currently, there are 347 bedrooms available in McAfee. We are working with approximately 300 students from Hurt, Watters, Dodd and Gray who do not have transportation, and we are thinking about the best way to utilize space on campus for those students who do not have cars.

While we will not need every McAfee bedroom for them, a call was placed last night to all the McAfee residents (except for residents of Gray and Dodd) who have transportation to consider if being placed in a Union host home or a move to the Old English Inn (now Jett Inn) might be attractive to them. Details about the secure faculty/staff home and Jett Inn will be available later today on the Web site to allow McAfee parents students good information as they decide if moving off campus is the best fit for them.

If they do decide to move off campus and allow us to place them in the secure host home or Jett Inn, the university would provide assistance in packing belongings and transporting their belongings to their new location. In fact, details are forthcoming on how any residential student, regardless of where they are moving, can obtain volunteers and a truck to move their items to their new residence.

We do not want parents or students in McAfee to feel anxious about our request. We are just trying to determine the exact bedrooms that may be available on campus for those without transportation. If staying on campus is the best fit for you, that is not a problem at all and we gladly support that decision. As always, thank you for your patience as we work out the logistics. We are confident that we will be able to provide specific housing solutions for every single Union resident today and tomorrow.