Thursday, February 14, 2008

Refunds and credit balance checks

In an effort to accommodate our students effectively, the university has chosen to refund credit balances in two phases.

Phase I -- Credit balance checks will be issued on current student account charges and financial aid. In essence, this will be the viewable balance as shown on Web Advisor. Web Advisor information may be accessed from followed by the student log-in information. These checks will be available Monday, Feb. 18, on the Jackson campus at Union Station. Checks for the adult Germantown student population will be available at the Germantown campus on Friday, Feb. 15. Every effort is being made to ensure a timely delivery of these checks to minimize any inconvenience to students.

Phase II -- Credit balance checks will issued after more long-term housing arrangements have been completed for each student. Because much is involved in the make-up of a credit balance, including adjusted housing, meals and appropriate financial aid, a date will be determined and published on UU Recovery. Please continue to monitor this site for updates.